Bringing your new friend home

On average, it takes a dog anywhere from an estimated three weeks to three months to truly feel at home and acclimated to your routine and home life. One mistake that we see commonly in the world at large is for a new adopter to bring an animal home and expect near instant assimilation into the person’s life and routine. This is simply not reality.

Many animals, particularly in rescue, have a back story and history rich in experiences- good or bad. Every rescue story starts with heartbreak of some sort. Many are not fair.

The best thing you can do is to toss your expectations and timelines when bringing a new friend home and simply exist. Set healthy boundaries but don’t expect your new friend to understand everything that is being thrown at them all at once. They are in a new environment, new sounds, smells, new people, and no idea that they are home yet. Love, time, and patience can truly move mountains, we can attest to it! We wish you nothing but the best of luck with your new friend.

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