Let’s Talk About Alice and Libby!

Alice and Libby came to us after our county police department called asking us to do an evaluation on two potentially dangerous dogs that
had been found chained and abandoned behind a recently deserted rental property. Expecting the worst, we were shocked and appalled to
find two short statured, scared little girls shivering in fright and expecting to be beaten, crouched among what looked like a junkyard. They
had abrasions and we think they have had puppies in the past. They required heartworm treatment which they are now negative for. They are
both capable of walking on a leash. We believe they are sisters.

They are both very sweet, kind girls. Alice (white) spent the first few months with us standing over or near Libby (brindle) and while never
threatening, showed us that she loves her sister very much and wants to make sure she is safe; they are quite bonded. In any unknown
circumstance, Alice stands in front of Libby, literally shielding her from anything bad.

Alice in particular wants to give kisses and show
affection but doesn’t know how. Neither dog has EVER shown an aggression or negative behavior. Libby is very frightened of loud noises
or new experiences and depends on Alice emotionally for cues on how to proceed. They are 38 and 40 lbs each. Alice is more likely to
approach you of her own free will, Libby is so scared of being hurt, she will simply run and circle around her sister nervously.
While Alice has the role of big sister, Libby is scared and grateful to rely on her sister’s guidance. They both do excellent with other dogs.
They really need a loving environment where they can be shown attention and affection of their very own in order to continue coming out
of their shells.

Alice is currently taking theophylline for what our vet describes as canine asthma.


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