PCAR And Covid-19

While we all deal with the contagion that has been labeled Covid-19, we wanted to let you know about our policies in regards to our babies that are currently up for adoption.

We are still conducting adoptions by appointment only. If you are interested in one of our dogs, you may find our application at the following link: https://peachcountyanimalrescueandrehabilitation.org/apply-now-2/

Please allow us 3-5 days to get through approval processing before we reach out to you to schedule a meet and greet. All members of the house hold, dog and human, must be present at the meet and greet, and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

With vet offices and other businesses subject to closing, we are doing our best to keep up with demand while keeping our animals and staff safe. The above may be subject to change as new information becomes available to us on the subject of the virus sweeping our country and world communities. We so appreciate the grace that you can provide us during this difficult time.

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