Chihuahua - Adult - Male
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Name: Sparky
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: Approx. 8 Years as of April 2019
Sex: Male
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes, although Sparky would prefer older, calmer kids if any in a home environment.
Heartworm Status: Negative

Tiny tyke Sparky joined us after his former home and family dissolved due to divorce and emergency. Sparky’s mom and dad divorced and his mom was no longer able to provide for him and his fur siblings, so she reached out to us asking for help. Sparky has been a trooper through all the upheavals in his life!

Sparky weighs a whopping 7 pounds and is rounded bodied and cheerful. He is upbeat in his personality. He likes treats and is gentle in taking them from whomever is offering them. Sparky likes to sit in your lap and loves to be warm. He is, however, particular about how he wants to be picked up, which results in an amusing pick-up-process sort of like picking up a shy turtle. Sparky likes to do things on his own terms but isn’t snappy about his terms.

Sparky is a doll. He doesn’t mind being dressed up, and he looks particularly dapper in an array of bowties. He is like a laid-back old man that enjoys his newspaper in the morning and his potter in the garden at midmorning. He is easy going about meeting new people and isn’t the least bit yappy. He bark sounds like a small duck with a head cold. His only health concern is a small ulcer in his left eye that will require an eye drop twice a day for the rest of his days. He is okay with the eye drop procedure and accepts it with ease. Sometimes his lip gets stuck in a sneering position; it’s nothing personal, it’s just how his face lays, much to our amusement. We tell him he’s just a lady slayer, and he seems okay with this information.

Sparky enjoys bee-bopping around his yard, laying in the sunshine, sitting in laps whenever possible, and noshing on choice proffered tidbits. There’s nothing he would appreciate more than all of these things for the rest of his life, which in Chihuahua years is a very long time! Chihuahua lifespans can be anywhere from 12-18 years, and we know Sparky is just getting warmed up. He’s a wide-bodied nugget of pure cute-ness. We know he’s going to be a wonderful friend to his new mom or dad.

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