To Love and Lose

To Love and Lose

Today it was testified to us once again that it is possible to meet someone, fall in love with them, and lose them all within the same hour. Today was hard. This morning we were urgently contacted by a kind family in Peach County about a dog in major distress. In Peach County, for those that do not realize, there is no animal control, and rescues are responsible on a county level for helping where possible. This dog had shown up in their yard, collapsed, and was unable to eat or drink or stand.

Our manager rushed her to our veterinary staff immediately, where she was evaluated carefully. In addition to cosmetic details that included a very obviously matted and dirty fluffy coat, our vet staff determined that she was quite old and had multiple very serious conditions that no one could fight for her. And oh, how we wanted to fight! At the top of the list was advanced, end stage heartworm disease. Her abdomen was full of fluid and her legs were so very swollen. She had a mass in her fluid filled abdomen the size of a small tank. She had a mass on her leg that was huge. Her gums had gone pale from her fight with all her medical problems. The list of things that had gone wrong with her exhausted body went on.

Together with our compassionate veterinary staff, we respectfully and tearfully sent her to the Rainbow Bridge. Our manager gave her the name of Loni, because no domesticated creature should leave this world without at least a name. She was not alone in her last hour of need. She is mourned. We praise God that this caring family saw a need and called for help. And we will never forget this sweet spirit.

Some of you are probably wondering, “Why are you posting such a sad event? There’s nothing we can do about it!”

Loni’s life mattered. She deserved better. If you think that her story is just a fluke, you are very wrong. In Middle Georgia alone, hundreds upon hundreds of cases of heartworm disease – JUST heartworm disease by itself- exist, and negligent owners are doing nothing to stop it. Dogs and cats are being dumped and left to wander, looking for help, every single day. In the last week, there have been three cases of animals in Middle Georgia being taped into containers and left to die in record breaking temperatures. We need citizens to wake up and report abuse, to put the law to work for themselves, to get involved in their local governments, and to reach out a helping hand to those struggling to survive. To be a voice for those that cannot speak for themselves.

Loni’s life mattered! Every animal like her’s life matters! Local rescues and animal controls are fighting a battle against ignorance, intolerance, cruelty, and apathy. We cannot do this alone! For Loni’s sake and for the sake of so many like her, it’s time for all of us to go to work. Run free, sweetheart, we’ll see you again some day at the Bridge.

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